Medal design revealed for London 2024 Ontario Summer Games presented by London Hydro


Medal design revealed for London 2024 Ontario Summer Games presented by London Hydro

LONDON, June 26, 2024 – The London 2024 Ontario Summer Games Host Organizing Committee is excited to reveal the medal design that will be awarded at next month’s event. Working with the London Arts Council, a call for proposals was sent to local artists, with local artist Cheryl Radford’s
being selected.

An avid golfer herself, Cheryl used elements of the city to add some London flavour to the hardware that successful athletes will be taking home with them to cherish and proudly display. Cheryl describes the motivation for the design below.

The design features the Thames River, which runs right through the heart of the city, and the water that flows down the riverbeds also represents the water sports of the Summer Games.

The many different trees showcased in the design are meant to pay homage to the city’s nickname “The Forest City”. The trees are also symbolic of all the sports in the Games that are played on land.

The many iconic buildings that make up London’s skyline are a mix of the historic and modern architecture that speaks to the culture of our city. These buildings also represent all the sports of the Games that are played inside buildings.

At the top of the design is a wavy skyline which is meant to inspire athletes to reach for the sky.

“It was a tremendous honour that my design was chosen for the medal,” said Cheryl Radford. “Living and working in downtown London, surrounded by the natural beauty of the river, trees and flora amidst London’s urban landscape was the inspiration for this design.”

Along with using a local artist, the medals have also been produced by local supplier Nothers The Award Store, making it a truly local collaboration.

“Nothers is thrilled to sponsor the medals at the London 2024 Ontario Summer Games,” said Jim Nother, President of Nothers The Award Store. “We are honored to collaborate with local artist Cheryl Radford, whose design beautifully incorporates water, land and buildings, mirroring the diverse settings where our young athletes will compete. As partners to many provincial sports organizations, we eagerly anticipate celebrating the achievements and lessons learned by all athletes. Congratulations to everyone who has worked so hard to compete this summer!”

Over 600 medals will be awarded across 18 sports from August 1-4. Originally designed for the London 2020 Ontario Summer Games which were ultimately cancelled due to the pandemic, the work is now finally able to be showcased for the 2024 Games. For more information on the Games,
including schedules and venues, please visit

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